“White Is Not A Mere Absence Of Colour”: Narciso Rodriguez ‘NARCISO’ Review


Behold my newest fragrance acquisition! I was lucky enough to get this for Christmas from my mum and I’m utterly in love. I’m a long-term wearer of the original Narciso Rodriguez ‘For Her’ fragrance and when I saw this in Bloomingdale’s whilst shopping with mumsy, I knew it had to be mine.

What they say: A sophisticated statement, and an irresistible invitation. Rose and gardenia lend a feminine grace to vetiver and black and white cedars. At the core, notes of musc offer undeniable warmth and sensuality. Evoking mystery, attraction, and exquisite desire, NARCISO embodies the scent of seduction.


The original ‘For Her’ fragrance is one of those marmite-like things- you’ll either love it or hate it. It works really well with my body chemistry and I’m firmly entrenched in the “love” camp. Narciso’ is a direct successor of ‘For Her’ in my opinion, and I don’t think it’ll be for everybody.

The initial scent is quite strong and slightly old-fashioned but the dry-down is a lovely, soft, sexy scent. It’s firmly in the musk family rather than the “fresh” family and it would be the perfect fragrance for an evening date. My only issue is that I don’t think it lasts very long on my skin and this is particularly annoying considering it’s an eau de parfum. You can still smell traces of it but I do feel the need to touch up after 5 hours or so.


Bottle signed by Mr. Rodriguez himself

I absolutely adore the packaging of the fragrance as it’s reassuringly heavy and weighty in the hand; it’s one of those bottles that will look great on your dresser. The square-shaped bottle has a milky-white suspension which houses the actual perfume and it has a square, off white lid etched with the Narciso Rodriguez logo.

My bottle was purchased in Bloomingdale’s so it is signed by Narciso Rodriguez himself, which is a cool touch.

I’d definitely recommend grabbing a sample of this if you can and the 3 oz/ 90 ml is currently on sale at Bloomingdale’s for $112.

Happy New Year!

Nana Adomah

2 thoughts on ““White Is Not A Mere Absence Of Colour”: Narciso Rodriguez ‘NARCISO’ Review

  1. I’ve been intrigued by this one ever since I saw the ad in a mag! I’m a sucker for a pretty bottle and a sexy scent. To be honest I’ve never found a perfume that stays on my skin for longer than an hour or so 😦


    • I’d definitely get a sample if you can. I wasn’t sure about it at first but I like the way it mellowed on my skin. I think you should try the original ‘For Her’ too. The EDT though not the EDP. They smell different for some reason but it stays on my skin forever


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