Bite Butter Cream Lipstick in “Marzipan”: A Review

“I shouldn’t think even millionaires could eat anything nicer than new bread and real butter and honey for tea.”- Dodie Smith 

Bite Handcut Butter Cream Lipstick marzipan

Bite beauty marzipan lipstick review

Bite hand cut bullet lipstick marzipan

Bite butter cream lipstick on dark skin marzipan nw45 woc nc50

Top- bright daylight swatch, bottom- indoor swatch with flash

Bite butter cream lipstick in marzipan on dark skin nw45 nc50 woc swatch

“Marzipan” paired with a light application of MAC “chestnut” liner

I’m a big fan of Bite’s lipsticks and my interest was piqued when they rolled out their “hand cut” butter cream lipsticks a few months ago. Bite posits that cutting the lipstick bullet straight across rather than at an angle results in a creamier lipstick and by removing the waxy outer layer of lipstick, they can get straight to the creamier core. I’d have to say that they are absolutely correct.

I picked up the shade “marzipan”, a milky chocolate, and it is most definitely one of the creamiest lipsticks I own. It’s the perfect nude shade for my complexion and I love that it needs very little work to look good on my lips. It has surprisingly good staying power for such a creamy lipstick and it feels wonderfully comfortable on the lips. I usually wear it with just a touch of brown lipliner and I’m good to go.

However, I have two gripes about this lipstick. Firstly, the butter cream lipsticks are $28 each rather than the $24 Bite usually charge for their lipsticks. Granted, we are given slightly more luxurious magnetic packaging to justify this price increase but the decision to charge $4 more is really baffling.

Secondly, the shape of this lipstick is just awkward. I have pretty big lips and I have trouble reaching the corners of my lips and my cupid’s bow whenever I wear this lipstick. I’ve had to employ the use of a lip brush on many an occasion. It really makes me wonder how customers with thinner lips will fare.This leads me to wonder whether the shape is just a gimmick or if it really contributes to the creaminess of the lipstick.

However, as customary for Bite products, the lipstick is full of wonderful food-grade ingredients like shea butter, almond butter, pomegranate butter, argan oil, etc. and it is also organic. So if natural ingredients are important to you, you can most definitely rest easy.

Despite a couple of misgivings, I still highly recommend this lipstick. It comes in 8 neutral shades and they are all extremely flattering for most skin tones. Yes it’s pricy, but I think it’d be a nice product to pick up if you wanted to treat yourself.

Bite butter cream lipsticks are $28 and are available at Sephora.

Nana Adomah